Who we are
Launched by Fumiko Takatsu in 2002, the Face Yoga Method is a health and beauty brand focused on natural alternatives to skincare and empowerment. As a brand and community, FYM (the Face Yoga Method) is dedicated to keeping its practitioners informed and inspired with highly curated content and products, across wellness, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Beyond offering a variety of digital programs, FYM also offers a Boutique Skincare line, Published Book and eBook to ensure access worldwide. In addition, FYM has a Teacher Certification Program with over 200 current graduates teaching in their communities across the globe!

There's never been a better time to promote (and practice) Face Yoga, and we know your Social Media, Email, and Blog subscribers will LOVE to join the Pro-Aging Revolution!

Benefits of joining us
​Commission of net sales on Digital Products starting at 30%
Regular updates on new programs and access to high-res assets
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Here's How The Program works:
The Face Yoga Method Affiliate Program lets you add a revenue stream to your business
without spending time and money creating a new product -- all while spreading Face Yoga to
people who will love it as much as you do.

It's Easy (and FREE) to get started!
1. You publicize the Face Yoga Method Membership program with your special affiliate link
to buy. It can be as simple as putting up a blog or posting on Facebook.
2. People buy the program and see their lives change.
3. You earn a percentage of each sale!

And make no mistake about it: Face Yoga Method affiliate partners make game-changing
The Blog Post that Generated $8,947 in 2 Months
One of our affiliates in the organic skin care niche recently pulled in $8,497 -- all from writing
ONE simple, yet powerful blog post.

The best part? This company isn't any different from you.
This team simply fed into our tested sales funnel and closed the day contented and paid -- and
frankly surprised at the ease of the process.

Here's how it went down: 
Company drafted an empowering blog post about the transformative power of Face Yoga.
Company offered a mini-facelift at the end to seal the deal for any interested parties.

The result?
Company sent thousands of clicks -- a percentage of which led to purchases -- through the
Face Yoga Method sales funnel, and continues to do so on a monthly basis.

Their earnings per click (EPC) were $4.15 (read that twice!). And all they invested was a little
time and faith.
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Track your sales, commission, get updates and assets all in our easy to follow dashboard! 

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Commissions are paid on a monthly basis. 

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Terms and Conditions
It’s important that as an Partner, you’re on the same page as us when it comes to how to promote properly. Read these Terms and Conditions before you begin selling the program. If you have any questions, email partners@faceyogamethod.com

You agree to not become an Affiliate Partner simply to buy a membership for yourself.
If you choose to become an affiliate for this purpose, your Affiliate Partner status will be immediately revoked.

Our Face Yoga Method Affiliate Partners are NOT authorized to teach the Face Yoga Method, unless they have passed our Teacher Certification Course. Instead, this opportunity is to share our Method and Programs for a percentage of the sale. 

You agree to comply with FTC guidelines by stating that you’re an Affiliate Partner and will receive a commission for sales made through your Partner link.
The FTC mandates that you share that you’re an Affiliate Partner who will receive a commission from any purchase made through your affiliate link. When you’re promoting the Face Yoga Method on social media or in emails, be clear about your role. 

Reach out to us at partners@faceyogamethod.com.
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